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Bu ne?

We’ve identified a new footage market that will help give your clips a new opportunity to be discovered and licensed. Clips of yours that are undiscovered on our website will be tested on new platforms with a limited use license structure. You have been selected among other footage contributors to participate in this new limited license program that will give you opportunities to earn more.

This program is part of a new footage marketplace that reaches an audience of millions who have never bought traditional stock footage before. These customers will have a very limited license to use the footage clips; clips will be licensed for use on a single platform to produce short-form digital content.

This limited license is separate and purely incremental to the value your clips can earn on Shutterstock.com under the broader licenses granted from our website. Your content will continue to be available for license on Shutterstock.com.

The clips selected to be a part of this new platform test have either never or rarely sold, are not new to the footage site and exclude any high resolution 4K clips. The footage royalty payout rate remains at 30% of the sale price that Shutterstock receives for your footage.

While our site functionality does not support the ability to opt-out of this limited license program, we believe this is an opportunity to bring you incremental new earnings. Please visit https://submit.shutterstock.com/contact if you require additional support.

By entering into this limited license program, Shutterstock is able to fulfill customer demand for both high-end and low-end productions. We value your feedback and continue to work on improving our site experience for buyers and contributors alike. Thank you for your partnership

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